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Indonesia Advocates Equality for Global South in Shaping Global AI Governance

  Editorial INTI     5 bulan yang lalu

Jakarta, INTI - The Republic of Indonesia is pushing for the formulation of Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governance with a keen focus on the interests of the Global South. Nezar Patria, Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics, stated that Indonesia emphasizes the need for UNESCO's Advisory Body to prioritize equality for all countries worldwide.

"We have made several notes that Global AI Governance should consider the interests of the Global South," he stated after attending the Ministers’ Closed Consultations on the Interim Report of the UNSG’s High Level Advisory Body's on AI at the Brdo Congress Centre, Slovenia, on February 4, 2024.

Patria explained that countries in the Global South, situated in Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific, are evolving and growing, particularly in the utilization of AI technology across various sectors and aspects of society. "This requires a fairer approach, ensuring that Global AI Governance places emphasis on nations in the southern hemisphere or what we call the Global South to promote equality," he emphasized.

Considering the high optimism of Global South countries advancing in AI technology, the Indonesian government stressed the significance of access to technology by opening opportunities for knowledge and technology transfer. "Don't just make it a market, ensuring equality in International AI management. Therefore, we are attempting interventions (in the Global Forum on AI Ethics), as during discussions, we have seen positive responses from various countries, including the United States and China, both of which are concerned about AI development," explained Patria.

Deputy Minister Patria expressed Indonesia's appreciation for UNESCO's Interim Report on Global AI Governance. "We highly appreciate the comprehensive report produced by UNESCO," he stated.***Hans